Saturday, August 4, 2012

Preserving Cheese in an Emergency Survival Situation

This is an experiment my wife is trying. She bought an antique Cheese Preserver and is giving it a try.

 I'm not sure what the point is but she says if there's an emergency survival situation and we have cheese (or we make our own from our goats) she wants to know ahead of time what she should do to make the cheese last the longest time possible.
 So she put the vinegar, salt and water as directed on the lid in the container. Then she took a block of cheese and added that.
 Lastly she put the lid on and has been removing the lid for a few minutes each morning (again, as directed on the preserver. She also put a similar block of cheese on a plate, open to the air and is using that as her comparison.
Which cheese will last longest before it goes mouldy and how long will the cheese in the preserver last?

We're on Day 4 and the only change is a kind of split in the cheese and it looks like it's leaking. She's also going to try waxing cheese and has ordered red wax from an online company. We'll try that as an experiment too although we're both pretty sure the waxed cheese will have a much longer shelf life.

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