Sunday, August 5, 2012

Global warming is a concern for preppers

With all the freaky weather the World has been experiencing the last few years it has become apparent that any one who is concerned about preparing for the future must add the effects of possible climate change into their plans.

How each person prepares for climate change depends on many factors. The most important of course being where you live.

We must each look at our location and think about what effects global warming is likely to have in our area. For example Florida is likely to experience more Hurricanes, flooding, extreme heat etc. The Midwest may get dryer and hotter and become more desert like.

We must also look at and prepare for the effects that climate change could have on the population and what the results could be.

One of the biggest problems with climate change is the devastating effect it may have on agriculture. Farmers all over the world rely on predictable weather. The farmer must know what the weather in his area will be like so he knows when and what to plant. But it seems that one of the affects of climate change is weird and unpredictable weather leading to crop failure. Now it is true the crops fail in one country or another almost every year. However in the modern world we are able to move food around all over the world with ease, so a crop failure in one country is not that much of a problem in the big picture.

However climate change opens up the possibility of world wide crop failure. If crops were to fail all over the world it would lead to mass starvation in poorer countries and possibly even starvation in some of the more wealthy countries. If crops were to fail 2 years in a row then you would have mass starvation every where.

We must also remember that starvation on a mass scale brings with it a host of other problems. Crime goes up. Populations start to move as they look for food. Governments can fall. You get an increase in all kinds of disease. And hungry countries may even go to war over limited resources. The list of bad things goes on and on.

So if you are prepping I would advise you take climate change into consideration. You may be glad you did.

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