Friday, March 1, 2013

Spike Strips For Home Defense During the Zombie Apocalpyse

Spike Strips for Home Defense During the Zombie ApocalpyseDuring times of civil unrest its important to be able to fortify your house to keep unwanted visitors at bay. The problem is most of us don't want to fortify our place until the sh*t hits the fan. So with that in mind what can you do now that you can quickly put in place when you need to.

One fantastic low-cost idea is homemade spike strips. You only need some old boards, some nails. a saw and a hammer. Old boards are easy to find. You can often get free scrap wood at lumber yards and construction sites.

You can also break apart some old shipping pallets for the boards. Nails are cheap to purchase in bulk or you can often get them at garage sales or auction sales. They don't need to be new nails as old rusty ones are fine.

Simply cut the boards to whatever length you want and start hammering nails all the way through. If you do it on soft ground the nails will just go into the dirt and you can pry the wood up when you are done. You can make the strips up now and store them someplace handy for the day you need them.

You should place the strips any place you think people will try to gain access to your home. Steps, windows, railings.

You can even place them in your driveway or on top of the fence around your yard. Spike strips will not stop determined people from gaining access to your place but they will deter some people. They will also slow intruders down so you can deal with them more easily.

In a survival situation any little advantage you can give yourself may make the difference between life and death. It can also keep your emergency survival food stores safe and in your possession.

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