Saturday, March 16, 2013

Junk Guns Are A Good Buy And May Come In Handy

Junk Guns Are A Good Buy And May Come In Handy
An $8 shotgun and a $20 rifle. May just save your life.
I was at an auction sale the other day and picked up some junk guns. A few old shot guns and a 22. I say junk guns as they are old and a tad rusty. Not really something that a person would want to use. But they were almost free and I have a plan for them. I call them give away guns.

Give away guns are guns that have no real value now but could have real value in a survival situation. One can imagine a situation where you need the help of others to defend your group but the others have no weapons.

Give away guns allow you to arm a large group of people with little cost. Now I know that giving guns to other people has risks but the bottom line is you may find that in order to survive you have to form larger groups of people. One family can not survive for ever without the support of the community.

I offer the following scenario for you. The world is falling apart. Gangs are roaming the streets and you are hunkered down in your house. Your neighbor is also hunkered down in his house. The mob reaches your house and attacks. You can ether fight them yourself or you can fight them with the help of the guy next door. You may have a much better chance of survival with your neighbor backing you up.

As I said before that giving guns to others has risks but you can reduce the risk by the choice of firearms you give away. Shotguns are probably the best choice as they are limited in range and penetration. This makes them better for defence than offence. In simple terms its hard to kill someone who is a long way away with a shotgun. So depending on the type of ammo you give away you can have some control over the range the gun can reach. A 12guage #4 can kill a man close up. It will seriously mess him up out to about 80yards. It probably won't kill him at 80 yards but it will hurt like hell. Or if your neighbor is farther away you may give him a few rounds of Buckshot. My neighbor is about 600 ft away so he may be able to hit my house with buckshot he would need to be really lucky to hit me.

Something to think about next time you see a cheap old gun.


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