Thursday, September 27, 2012

Zombie Bees Spreading to Various Parts of N. America

Zombie Bees in British Columbia Canada! And Washington State, California, Oregon and N. Dakota.....

“Zombie bees” are infected with a parasitic fly that causes them to fly erratically at night until they die.
They have recently been confirmed in Seattle, and earlier in Oregon and South Dakota. Browning may have made one of the first unconfirmed sightings in B.C.

The condition was first discovered by San Francisco State University biologist John Hafernik in 2008. The bees are infected when an adult female fly injects eggs into the bee’s body. When they hatch into maggots, the bee is eaten from the inside.

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And Zombie Bees Spread to California

Check out the website, There are instructions for collecting the bees and watching for the signs of infection.

Where next? Do you agree that strange things are happening in the world? Time to prepare for the worst but hope for the best in my opinion.

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