Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ever Wanted to Zombify Yourself?

Zombies by Byron Rempel. Image used here with his permission
Don't miss out on this great opportunity. Byron Rempel of can turn a photograph of you (or anyone else) into a zombie portrait.

Rempel was featured last week in Undead and Loving It in The National Post for his project 1000 Zombies.

For every minimum donation of $10.00 he will create a zombie of your choice. You get a high resolution scan of your zombie to keep, and you can pretty much do anything with it except make money from it. So you can put the image on a t-shirt for yourself or as a gift, but you can't sell t-shirts with the image.

You can fund a zombie by making a paypal payment to  Check his  1000 Zombies page for full instructions and details. I just ordered some zombified paintings of family members earlier today and am looking forward to seeing what Byron does with the photos I sent.

Just think of the possibilities - frame your image and hang it on your wall, put it on a t-shirt, have a zombie mug made for your significant other, get a book bag printed with the image and more.  And what a great opportunity to be one of the horde without actually being undead.

So check out Byron and his zombies on his website.  Join the horde! You can also  find Byron on his Google+ page.

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