Monday, July 2, 2012

Record Heat Wave Affects Millions Without Power

It's been a week of record high temperatures in much of N. America. Millions are without power after storms knocked out power from Georgia to Missouri to New York.

Imagine yourself in this situation. Power is out and doesn't look like it's going to be restored for a week or more. Are you prepared? Can you manage and be self-sufficient during this time? Or will you be one of those who has to go to a community shelter and depend on handouts?

If you're new to thinking about being prepared, or if you've been a prepper for awhile but want more tips and suggestions for food storage, defense, bug-out plans, bug-out bags,  food preparation during a survival situation, please read our articles on Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Blog.  Topics are on the right.

Don't be someone who has to sleep in a crowded shelter because you haven't got a survival plan or any food stored.

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