Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Time to stock up on gas

If you have any extra cash you may want to consider stocking up on a little extra gasoline.  Iran has shrugged off Europe's oil embargo and moved ahead with plans to hold naval exercises alongside the oil tanker shipping lanes it has threatened to block.

Now we all know that Iran cant win a war against the West and they would be foolish to start one. But it may be in their interest to disrupt shipping a little bit. In fact they would not even have to do anything really nasty to disrupt the shipping. If Iran simply sent a few mine layers out into the shipping lanes and had them drive around for a bit. And perhaps dump some large objects into the water. That would be all it would take to shut down the shipping for a few days while the Western Navies look for the non existent mines. All the while the price you pay at the pumps will go way up.

I am off to the gas station.

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