Wednesday, November 30, 2011

29,000 Pounds Of Danger Falling From The Sky

If Russia is unable to regain control of the 29,000-pound Phobos-Grunt spacecraft, it will plunge into the atmosphere uncontrolled with a full load of really toxic propellant.

The Russians and NASA have stressed a re-entry of Phobos-Grunt would pose no threat to Earth, saying its full load of toxic rocket propellant inside aluminum fuel tanks would rupture and explode high in the atmosphere and pose no danger to the public.

On the other hand the same people who say its not a problem are also the same people who tell us never to touch a piece of fallen spacecraft as it could be dangerous.

The fact is that things falling from space have a strange habit of not behaving like we expect. A dish of worms survived the break up of the space shuttle.

So my advice is to have your go bag ready and if it lands in your back yard. RUN AWAY.

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