Monday, September 5, 2011

Get Yourself A Toy Gun

One is fake. One is real.

Many people do not like guns. Many people live in places that do not allow guns. But most people (not all) don't mind having a toy gun and live in a place that toy guns are allowed.

Y would you want a toy gun?

From a few feet away many people cant tell the difference between a toy gun and a real gun. In fact some of the toy guns out their are so realistic its almost impossible to tell them from real guns with out picking them up. Another interesting fact is that most confrontations involving a gun end with no shots being fired. People just don't like to get shot.

So in simple terms if the bad guys think you have a gun they will often pick another victim.


Most toy guns now have an orange painted muzzle. This is done to help the police tell toys from real guns. I am told that in some places it is illegal to paint over this orange. So you might want to find out about whats legal in your area. Or wait until things are really bad and you no longer need to worry about the law.

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