Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene a wake up call.

Hurricane Irene is yet another reminder of just how important it is to be prepared. It may not have been the doomsday disaster that many had feared but it did cause severe flooding and power outages. 4 or 5 million people lost power at some point. Irene left at least 21 people dead in eight states. And Initial property damage estimates ranged up to $7 billion.

Again on the news before the storm we had thousands of people running around trying to purchase water, batteries and other supplies.  DON'T WAIT TILL ITS TOO LATE. You must get ready for emergencies before they happen. And forget the 48 or 72 hrs of supplies that the Government authorities tell you to have on hand. If you don't have every thing you need to be totally self sufficient for at least a week you are a fool. Sorry to be blunt but that's how I feel.

Its not hard to have a weeks worth of supplies on hand. Every one can do it. It just takes a little effort.

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