Monday, October 7, 2013

The federal debt ceiling and the end of the world

End Of The World
Flirting With Disaster
Again we are watching the Politicians in Washington take us all to the brink of a possible disaster. The United States government will soon be unable to pay all its bills -- causing what the Obama administration says will be a historic default on the federal debt. Without some action by Congress to raise the debt ceiling, the Treasury Department says default could happen any day after Oct. 17. Now I am 99% sure they will once again pull a rabbit out of the hat at the last second but you should ask yourself what if they don't?

The fact is no one can tell what the consequences would be if the United States was to default on its debt. Many so called experts have given us a variety of opinions ranging from it would not be that bad to its the end of the World.

I myself really cant say. However I don't think it would be good for most of us. So my advice is to stock up on supplies. Have some cash on hand. However cash is of little use if inflation renders it worthless. Gold would be better than cash but most of us cant afford to stockpile gold.

Think of things people would want and that could become scarce if the economy was to crash. Gasoline. Ammunition. Foods of all kinds.